Grain trading

    In 2003 at the same time as the plant-growing direction was created, “TRIO” Company began to deal with grain trading. The company sells 350-400 thous.tons of grain per year, 50% of them is grain planted by the plant-growing subdivisions of the company.

    Crops sales volume is distributed through periods during the whole year. Thus there is continuous trading and grains supply, all year round.

Grain department of “TRIO” Group of companies sells:

  • Grain crops: wheat, barley, rye, pea.
  • Oil crops: sunflower, soy.
  • Forage products: corn, feed wheat, feed barley.

Our suppliers are:

  • large agricultural enterprises
  • small households
  • farm households

   Grain is purchased within a radius of location of own cereal receiving stations in the regions (Lipetsk, Voronezh, Orlov, Tambov, Kursk, Belgorod). TRIO has set constant mutually profitable partnership with many companies.

Our clients and partners:

OAO “Lipetskkhlebmakaronprom” / APK “Stoilenskaya Niva” / OOO “Michurinskaya Mukomolnaya kompaniya” / OAO “Ryazanskaya zernovaya kompaniya” / ZAO “ALADUSHKIN Group” / OAO Lipetskii mukomolnii zavod / Brewing company “Baltic” / OAO “Cherkizovo” Group / “Agro-Belogorie” Group of companies / “MZK” (International grain company) / “Aston” Company / “Bunge-CIS” Company / “Efko” Company / “Sodruzhestvo” Group of companies

Bases of grain supply in the sales process:

  • Products sales at the elevators according to the industrial form ZPP-13.
  • Products sales via means of road and rail transport twenty-four hours.
  • Products sales via grain expedition to the customer’s warehouse (or to loading to the rail car or ship) with own autotransport.

Our cereal receiving stations.

    6 cereal receiving stations are included into “TRIO” Group of companies. The grain department provides overall management and control over the elevators during grain shipment.

    Storage capacity of the elevators and cereal receiving stations is over 220 000 tons of grains.

Thanks to the powerful technical base, the grain department of “TRIO” Group of companies participated successfully in state purchasing interventions of grain crops.

Quality control department of grain and oil crops.

    Creation of the product quality control department was an important step in development of grain direction.

The product quality department provides:

  • quality control of grain products from the moment of primary conditioning, in the process of products preparation, storage and shipment from the elevators;
  • control over warehouses and elevators capacity conditions;
  • disinfection and disinsection of storage areas;
  • control over certification and accreditation process of the laboratories of the cereal receiving stations of “TRIO” Group of companies;
  • specialists training and skills improvement of the laboratories’ workers.