“School of action”

In June 2010 on the basis of a dairy unit OOO “AGROFIRMA TRIO” an innovative Training center for practical animal breeding “School of action” was established. The main feature of our school is a knowledge transfer technique supported by practice.

Main goals of the centre are:

  • advanced training of specialists- livestock breeders
  • sharing experiences between animal farms of different level
  • advanced training of own workers through educational processes
  • education of young staff for work at modern animal-breeding units

A considerable work is being executed according to the “School-Higher education institution-Business” program in main fields.

”School” direction

Work is executed with young generation in the sphere of mental-moral and filed-oriented development:

  • Excursions for schoolchildren.
  • Practice of pupils of the 10-11th classes in AF “TRIO”.

“Higher education institution” direction

Work is executed to apply modern animal breeding theory and practice in educational programs:

  • Practice of students and their further employment.
  • Free teachers training.
  • Joint development of educational materials.

“Business” direction

Increase of competitiveness of the dairy industry of Russia by means of training of other farms.

  • Training of specialists-animal breeders.
  • Training of managers.
  • Sharing experiences between animal farms of different level.

All teachers of the “School of action” are experienced practicing specialists of dairy farming.
Among “School of action” graduates are specialists from Russia, Mordovia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine.