Sugar plant

    The sugar plant was built in 1965 in Elets, the plant is a part of “TRIO” Group of companies. Main product is Sugar GOST 21-94, designed processing capacity is 4 500 tons of sugar beet per day. In 2010-2011 significant modernization and process optimization were executed, it allowed to increase the plant processing capacity up to 6 000 t/day and processing days up to 150 days per campaign.

        As a result by 2013 the plant processing capacity had been increased from 4 500 up to 6 000 tons of beet per day and sugar beet processing volume had been increased from 450 thousand up to 750 thousand tons per year.

    In 2012 the Elets Sugar plant executed a process of an international product quality certification and as a result became one of 5 sugar plants in Russia with ISO 22000 certificate.

    A unique advantage of our sugar plant is our own beet area of 23 000 Ha within a 3-150-km radius of the plant, that at the present moment provides the production with 80-85% own raw materials and has a growth potential up to 25 000 Ha.

    As a result own beet area ensures return on investments into modernization and capacity increase independently of external beet farmers.

Sugar plant development strategy 2014-2017

Investment program of OOO “Agrosnabsakhar” for 2014-2017 was developed in order to execute modernization of the sugar plant with sugar beet processing capacity increase up to 10 000 t/day, focused at energy performance improvement, change of worn-out and off-market equipment and construction of own CHP.

Implementation of this investment program will allow:

  • to reduce heat energy consumption for sugar production from 0,38 tons of steam/ton of beet down to 0,28 tons of steam/ton of beet;
  • to increase sugar output from 13,37 up to 15% by means of losses decrease for the whole factory and sugar losses decrease during processing and quality improvement of input raw materials;
  • provide with complete pulp drying and granulation;
  • provide with guaranteed average daily plant throughput of 10 000 t/day;
  • to improve plant operation efficiency by means of production capacity modernization and change of worn-out and off-market equipment;
  • to increase storage volume of: sugar up to 90 thous.t.; granulated pulp up to 22,5 thous.t.; beet up to 390 thous.t.
Total volume of investments will be over 8,5 billions Roubles.
Implementation of modernization plan will allow to increase plant throughput almost twice and will ensure cost of production decrease almost twice as well.