Sugar trading

    Beginning of sugar sales is connected with the very first steps of “TRIO” Group of companies, as in the beginning the company’s direction was sugar trading.

Today “TRIO” Group of companies produces and sells:

  • granulated sugar GOST 2194;
  • beet pulp;
  • beet molasses.
   The company is one of top-10 large Russian traders selling 270 000 tons of sugar per year that equals 6% out of total sugar market in Russia.

Our partners:

Total number of customers – 300 large and small companies in Russia and abroad.

“Golden” clients – around 50 companies.

Among Russian partners – large agricultural companies such as “Rusagro”, “Dominant”, “Prodimex”, Coca-cola, Unimilk, Danone etc.

Packaging and certification

Sugar is packed:

  • in bags of 50 kg;
  • in BigBags of 1000 kg (since 2014);
  • Bulk delivery.

Production of the plant has:

  • declaration of compliance of CU for granulated sugar;
  • European certificate according to the system ISO 22000.

Storage and delivery

Sugar is stored in standard conditions:

  • at own regional warehouses in Lipetsk region (capacity 45 000 tons)
  • in 2 silos of OOO “AGROSNABSAKHAR” (capacity 30 000 tons).
  • at the warehouse of OOO “AGROSNABSAKHAR” (capacity 5 000 tons)

All warehouse premises are dry, clean, ventilated.

“TRIO” Company renders additional services of sugar storage.

Sugar is delivered using the resources of the company “from the warehouse to the warehouse” by road and rail.

Thanks to own processing plant, provision with 85% own raw materials and well-functioning work with sugar suppliers of other producers, trading is executed year round in full.