Plant growing

Plant growing direction of “TRIO” Group of companies is:

  • 5 plant growing subdivisions located in 6 regions of Lipetsk oblast.
  • Total area of the soil cultivated in 2017 was 88 114 Ha.
  • 5 elevators of total storage capacity of 181 800 tons.

Success of TRIO plant-growing complex is based on four key elements.

  • Stubble busting;
  • Balanced crop rotation;
  • Regulated machinery fleet;
  • Work organization.

Stubble busting

    As a result of analysis of own work experience and education and knowledge sharing in different countries, “TRIO” company made a realized transition to stubble busting technology. Minimal soil treatment to a depth of up to 14cm.

Advantages of this technology are:

  • Cumulative improvement of black soil quality and structure year by year
  • Anti-erosion impact
  • Fewer amount of fertilizers used
  • Easy harvesting in rainy period

Balanced crop rotation

    All crops are selected for growing with stubble busting technology.

Base for the crops cultivated is:

  • Sugar beet. It is processed at own sugar plant.
  • Barley. It is cultivated for “Baltic” company under contract. Following the standards required.
  • Forage conservation. Corn and perennial grass cultivation for forages for own animal breeding units.
  • Grains. Realized through the trading department.
  • Potato. Cultivated for “FritoLay” company (Pepsico) under contract.

Potato project

    Particular attention should be given to the potato project of “TRIO” Group of companies:

  • 570 Ha of potato
  • modern potato storage: 24 000 tons of potato, automated ventilation, humidification and cooling system
  • intensive cultivation technology: inter-row spacing is 90 cm
  • yield is 35 tons per hectare
  • high-performing equipment
  • radial irrigation system of total area of 2 000 Ha, for maximal efficient use additional crops are planted: beet, corn, soy
  • 4-field crop rotation
Currently “TRIO” company grows chips potato for “FritoLay” company (Pepsico).

Regulated machinery fleet

During the years of work the machine and tractor fleet has been renovated completely. Since 2011 investments to equipment are 1 832 834 000 Rub.

We use reliable equipment of global brands that proved effective:

Work organization

Following principles will help us to achieve success:

  • Commitment to team result;
  • Responsibility for personal contribution in achievement of common goal;
  • Observance of precise rules;
  • Continuous shift work and two-shift schedule;
  • Shift change directly in the field;
  • Minimal number of equipment per hectare;
  • Fuel and performance control accounting system;
  • Satellite farming system (GPS)