Animal breeding

    Since 2005 “TRIO” Group of companies has been actively working at development of animal breeding direction.

Animal breeding direction includes:

  • Dairy unit “Anya” was put into operation in 2007 and designed for 1 000 milking head.
  • Dairy unit “Liza” was put into operation in 2009 and designed for 2 000 milking head.

Modern dairy units are equipped with:

  • BouMatic milking equipment;
  • Selfloading feeders Mayer SILOKING 16m3;
  • System of heard computer-controlled management DairyComp305+PocketCowCard;
  • Automated feeding system FeedWatch;
  • Heat monitoring system SEMEX24.

Work organization

    Special attention is paid to high production practices and a clearly established system of work organization in «TRIO” Group of companies.
One of key slogans of the company: «One can manage only what one can calculate and measure”.

    There are developed business-processes of production management in the base of work organization, the following is written in them:

  • production technologies;
  • quantitative and qualitative performance indicators (KPI), connected to automated system;
  • criteria and evaluation formulas of KPI;
  • instructions for every worker and specialist every week.

Our processers

    The whole volume of milk produced is supplied to leading transnational and regional processers, through the Eastern-European Dairy Alliance “EEDA” that unites the best dairy farms of Russia.

Constant implementation of new technologies, improvement of production process and production control at the dairy units of “TRIO” Group of companies.

“TRIO” Company shows by personal example that profit-making animal breeding in Russia is possible, and a key success factor includes a good use of resources and strict technology compliance.