The first circle of interaction «Employees”.

    Taking care of people working in the Company, “TRIO” Group fulfills social programs aimed at support and assistance to own employees:

Collective agreement

    The collective agreement includes 23 articles of financial assistance concerning joyful events: wedding, birth of a child; and in difficult life situations – funeral of relatives, purchase of expensive medications, medical operations, sanatorium therapy.

Collective agreement tasks:
  • Efficient interaction between the chiefs and the personnel;
  • Social partnership;
  • Employees motivation;
  • Attraction and retention of skilled people;
  • Increase in labour efficiency;
  • Increase in company efficiency
In 2015 a lot of joyful events happened in life of people working in the Group of companies:
  • 29 weddings of our employees;
  • 69 children were born in their families;
  • 54 children started school;
  • 101 jubilees were celebrated by our employees;
  • 180 specialists took professionals awards;
  • 43 employees were retired.

Оn the occasion of each of these events the people received premiums according to the collective agreement.

House for specialists

    There is a program as well focused at improvement of housing facilities of specialists working in “TRIO” Company. During 5 years over 90 employees participated in this program.

The program is focused at:
  • improvement of housing facilities of the employees;
  • attraction of new skilled staff.

250 000 Roubles are granted with annual withdrawal of 50 000 Roubles. It means that in 5 years of working in the company the loan is redeemed completely. Only TIPI 13% is withheld from the employee.

Support to employees is way to efficient business!