Charity activity of the company and its employees

The third circle of interaction: “Charity”

Expanding the borders of its social responsibility, the Company carries out a social and charity activity at the territory of the whole Lipetsk region and other RF regions.

    For over four years already right before the New Year the Company’s employees have been carrying out a charity activity, the idea appeared purely accidentally. In December 2012 the employees were making preparations to the New year’s party, but the celebration was canceled for reasons beyond their control. The employees could take the money back collected for the New Year celebration, but they decided to use it for charitable purposes. As a result they purchased presents for the special boarding school in Vtorye Terbuny village, equipment for a sensory room, tools for working shops and sports equipment.

    Inspired by the experience of the last year, on the eve of 2014 the employees of “TRIO” Company collected much more money, and the holding’s chiefs decided to double this amount by means of the company’s funds. This money was spent for purchasing of expensive equipment for child cancer center, medical products and presents for oncologic children, and for assistance to Eletskii boarding school.

    Within “TRIO” holding this charity event became an annual New Year tradition uniting the employees and the company, giving a synergetic effect in creating values of good and assistance to people.

    In 2014 “TRIO” Group of companies and the employees ran a big charity campaign rendering assistance to the Ukrainian refugees. The employees paid their one-day earnings to regional refugee funds, the amount was doubled by the company’s chiefs.

    By common efforts the holding’s chiefs and employees paid for operation and saved life of 3-year-old Veronika Marchukova, who needed an expensive kidney operation in Spain.

The fourth circle of interaction: “We do good together”

    By its example “TRIO” Group of companies involves other companies and Lipetsk citizens in the charity activity.

    In 2014 an idea was born in the staff of “TRIO” Group of companies – to take the charity New year tradition beyond the company and get other organizations to this activity, in order to help more people by common efforts and to create together a municipal New Year tradition strengthening human values of good and creation. Thus the first New Year Charity marathon “We do good together!” was launched, and a common good tradition appeared in the native town, that changes the world around and strengthens human values.

    With an aim to attract and unite business-partners, organizations and simple citizens in charity events in September 2015 the company founded Lipetsk regional charity social organization “We Do Good Together!”, that renders assistance to people in difficult life situations.

    LRCSO “We Do Good Together!” is a community of not indifferent people, it is ready to bring everybody into the fold who shares values of good, compassion, responsibility and optimism in life, who strives for personal spiritual development and improvement of the area around themselves as a whole.

    Thus within the New Year charity marathon-2015 many companies and Lipetsk citizens joined “TRIO” Group of companies:

  • “MRT-Expert”
  • PС “Parnas”
  • “Lipetsk radiogroup”
  • Group of companies of Alisa Zavertyaeva
  • “Lipetsk regional notary chamber” Association
  • Sergei Avilov Studio
  • Perova Marina Viktorovna
  • Tolcheev Aleksei Anatolievich
  • Bodin Andrei Borisovich

    Assistance was rendered to two organizations that have rehabilitation programs of work with disabled children: integrated dance ensemble «Parallels” and rehabilitation group of “Metelitsa” team – “The first step”. Rehabilitation treatment was paid and medical products were purchased for 17 children, specialized and exercise equipment, wheelchairs and diapers were purchased as well.