Social and charity activity of the company

    “TRIO” Group of companies, carrying out its mission to modify the world around to the better, has been for 4 years already implementing its own strategy of social and charity programs. This strategy includes 4 circles of interaction with the world around extending its influence from circle to circle.

The first circle of interaction: “Employees”.

Social programs focused on support to people working in “TRIO” Group of companies.

The second circle of interaction: “Territories”.

Social programs focused on support to the regions of Lipetsk oblast where enterprises of “TRIO” Group of companies are located.

The third circle of interaction: “Charity”.

Expanding the borders of its social responsibility the company carries out social and charity activity on the territory of the whole Lipetsk region and other RF regions.

The fourth circle of interaction: “We do good together”.

By its example the company involves other companies and Lipetsk citizens in the charity activity.

During 19 years “TRIO” Company has been developing responsible business that realizes not only financial but also humanitarian goals, shaping sound society around itself, taking care of people, of welfare of the native land and of prosperity of Russia as a whole.