TRIO Group of companies is a modern, fastest growing agro-industrial enterprise, well-known in Lipetsk and other regions. Its partners are large holdings of Russia and the near abroad.

Mission of TRIO Group of companies

    Developing successful and efficient business in the agricultural industry to take care of people, of welfare of the native land and of prosperity of Russian agricultural industry, realizing social and charity programs.

Principles of TRIO Group of companies

  • Execution of the obligations assumed;
  • Social focus of the business;
  • Efficient management via improvement of the working processes system;
  • People and management system are main competitive advantage of the company.

Chiefs of the company

    Results of the company’s activity and its chiefs’ active position are highly appreciated not only by the region’s administration but also at a level of the country’s leaders. In 2017 Uvarkina Evgeniya Yurievna again became a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation according to the President's quota, and afterwards she was elected as a Chairman of the specialized Commission of the RF Civic Chamber on the Agricultural Sector and Development of Rural Areas

Company history

    The company was founded in 1997. Since then TRIO Group of companies has been making steady progress in increasing its production and financial performance, enlarging its footprint in such sectors as plant growing, animal breeding, grain and sugar trading and others.
  • 1997 — TRIO Company foundation.
  • 1997 — setting up of a department specialized in sugar trading.
  • 2000 — development of wholesale and retail direction and purchase of ownership of a warehouse complex (area 4 300 m²).
  • 2002 — setting up of a department specialized in grain supply to the regions of the Russian Federation.
  • 2003 — foundation of OOO “AGROFIRMA TRIO”: agricultural direction specialized in animal breeding and plant growing.
  • 2005 — construction of a dairy unit “Anechka” for 1 000 head.
  • 2005 — construction of a grain elevator with storage capacity of 44 000 tons.
  • 2006 — purchase of ownership of an administrative and warehouse complex (area 10 000 m²).
  • 2007 — construction of a dairy unit “Liza” for 2 000 head.
  • 2009 — implementation of program of automation of management accounting and budgeting with support and participation of “Intalev” company.
  • 2009 — amalgamation with an agricultural holding “Chernozemie” that includes 12 agricultural enterprises, 4 grain elevators, Elets Sugar Plant. Area of the land cultivated by TRIO Group of companies increased up to 86 000 Ha.
  • 2010 — foundation of an educational centre of practical animal breeding “School of Action”.
  • 2010 — beginning of potato project implementation, including growing, irrigation and storage.
  • 2013 — successful execution of FSSC 22000 audit (Food safety Certification) by OOO “AGROSNABSAKHAR” (Elets sugar plant).
  • 2013 — putting into operation a line of bulking delivery of sand sugar at OOO “AGROSNABSAKHAR”.
  • 2014 — beginning of a global reconstruction of the Sugar plant with increase of processing production capacity from 6 000 up to 9 000 tons of beet per day, with construction of a new CHP and a steam pulp drier that is first in Russia.
  • 2015 — production modernization, purchase of a modern and highly-efficient equipment aiming to improvement of OOO “AGROSNABSAKHAR” operational efficiency.
  • 2016 — continuation of further modernization of OOO “AGROSNABSAKHAR” with increase of sugar beet processing capacity up to 10 000 t/day; installation of a new steam pulp drier (450 t/day dry pulp); construction of own CHP meeting operating requirements of OOO “AGROSNABSAKHAR”.
  • 2017 — capital repairs of production facilities of OOO “AGROSNABSAKHAR”; construction of a new Bruсkner; lining of existing silos; installation of an automated system of packaging sugar in bags.

TRIO Group of companies today:

  •  5 plant growing subdivisions in 6 regions of Lipetsk oblast;
  •  2 animal breeding units: 1 000 and 2 000 milking herd:
  •  Potato planting and storing subdivision with capacity of 24 000 tons;
  •  Sugar plant with productive capacity of 100 000 tons of sugar per year;
  •  5 elevators of total storage capacity over 220 000 tons;
  •  Center for practical animal breeding “School of action”.
The company produces out of total volume produced in Lipetsk region:
  • Cereals 9,24%
  • Sugar beet 24,83%
  • Milk 16,90%
  • Legumes 8,74%
  • Potato 27,38%